Our goal is to put an effort into minimizing cyber theft/scam in Nigeria.

About Us

We are a team of Cyber Security Experts and Legal Practitioners with a vision to continuously provide internet users quality information and awareness on how to stay safe online and suggest legal means they can explore to recover lost funds.

Jovworie Tanshi | Co-founder, CEO

Over the years we have witnessed an increase in Cyber Crime in Nigeria and the lack of awareness on fast ways to identify a fraudulent website. It is for this reason I and my team decided to set up CyberPolice to guide and internet users on how to identify fraudulent websites. 

Emmanuel Osawaru | Co-founder, CTO

We got feed up as friends and loved ones kept falling for petty online scam orchestrated by people that are not as smart as them in real life. 
Starting CyberPolice was inevitable.

Chris Ayoro | Legal

Handling legal issues relating to online fraud has always been of interest to me. This is why I provide legal support to CyberPolice to help them give you awareness on how you can handle online fraud cases.

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